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The purpose of this living lab is to test the hello energy system (different installation configurations) and measure the impacts of the innovation.

Impacts are measured in three domains:

  • Environmental - energy savings, CO2 emissions reduced
  • Economic - ROI, direct cost savings, other added value (e.g., regulatory risk reduction)
  • Social - building occupant awareness and pro-environmental behaviors

The project will be conducted in 15 buildings, representing a range of uses (hospitality, retail, office).

What we measure:

1. Engagement and awareness of building users. 

2. Engagement of building-related managers (e.g., asset manager, sustainability manager, building manager).

3. Total Energy use in the test buildings, compared to baseline (accounting for any external factors). 

4. Actual costs vs. budgeted costs for the project (i.e., are there any additional costs for the installation and monitoring of Hello Energy?)

5. Return on investment, factoring in the total added value of the Hello Energy system.

Project kick-off: March 19, 2019.

Key Impact Energy awareness
Test Building EU
Duration 3 months

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