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A living lab was conducted in meeting spaces at the Provada real estate conference in Amsterdam, in June 2019. Three meeting spaces were evaluated and each contained a different type of biophilic innovation:

1. Control room (no biophilic interventions)

2. Biophilic imagery room (image of nature in the room)

3. Biophilic installation room (with a green wall with live plants installed)

What we measured:

  • Air quality in the meeting rooms with a uHoo air quality monitoring device (including carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, fine dust and volatile organic compounds)
  • Feedback from meeting room users about their wellbeing in the different rooms (level of alertness and perception of the meeting room as a pleasant work environment)

A full summary of the living lab results can be downloaded in the research report below.

Key Impact Biophilia = better meetings
Test Building Amsterdam
Duration 3 days
Environmental Lower dust and VOCs in room with green wall
Economic Improved employee wellbeing
Social Biophilic elements increase alertness

Research Reports

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